lundi 26 mai 2014


 African Proverbs

If a lizard decides to wear trousers, it should know where to put the tail
A Soga proverb sent by Jivram Orsbourne Rosenburg, Uganda
A dog with a bone in its mouth cannot bite
Sent by Williams Mawogole, Jinja, Uganda
Do not abuse midwives while children are still being born
A Swahili proverb sent by William Jol Bak Bak, Wau, South Sudan
The shea butter laughs at the salt when it rains, forgetting that the sun will soon shine
Sent by Emmanuel Fiamordzi, Accra, Ghana
A cowardly hyena lives longer but it suffers the most
Sent by Mario Tombe Lino Germiah in Juba, South Sudan
A monkey doesn’t laugh at a burning bush
Sent by Adam Zziwa Mbiringi and Ainomujuni Norman, both in Uganda
One can only go round a pepper tree, but can never climb it
An Igbo proverb sent by Emeka Obia and Ndudi Ateli, both from Nigeria, and Matamba, from Dakar, Senegal
The rough skin of a crocodile is what makes it beautiful
A Swahili proverb sent by Tosh Kasamba, Kenya
The axe forgets, the tree does not forget
A Swahili proverb sent by Israel Makaza, Zimbabwe

The basket goes where it will be returned
A Kinyarwanda proverb sent by Shyaka Ahmad Fababby, Kigali, Rwanda
No matter how hot your anger is, it cannot cook yam
Sent by Joyce Adhiambo in Nairobi, Kenya
A dog destined to be lost does not hear the hunter's whistle
A Yoruba proverb sent by Akande James, Ibadan, Nigeria
Big melons fall upon those who have no pot
An Ndebele proverb from Zimbabwe sent by Thoman Sikowelo, Johannesburg, South Africa
Rats don't dance in the cat's doorway
Sent by J Hendrix Fahnbulleh, Monrovia, Liberia
A person who walks wisely can travel a long distance
An Oromo proverb sent by Zerihun Tesfaye, Woliso, Ethiopia
If the owner of the goat is not afraid to travel by night, the owner of a hyena certainly will not be
A Hausa proverb sent by Salisu Ibrahim Mukhtar in Kano, Nigeria
A dog that belongs to everyone will die of hunger
Sent by Ibrahim Aboma, France
Ash laughs at flour
An Amharic proverb sent by Mekdes Gezahegn, Ethiopia
A fierce buffalo has its hide made into a shield
A Luo proverb sent by Owino Onyango Mak'Oburu in Kenya
If you try to straighten a sweet potato, it breaks
A Bemba proverb sent by James Chiwala, Ndola, Zambia
 It is the head that disturbs the wasp that the wasp stings
An Igbo proverb sent by Emeka Eze in Aba, Nigeria 

 No matter how long they live, donkeys are meals for hyenas
An Oromo proverb sent by Salah Ahmed in Minneapolis, US

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